Key Takeaways to Hiring Programmers: How to Not Miss Out on the Best Talent

Trung Tran

Trung Tran | 11/06/2023

Key Takeaways to Efficient Hiring Programmers

Software development is a respective field that entails a high level of tech expertise and a particular set of skills and knowledge that most tech workers are exposed to, yet not all can master. Therefore, hiring programmers requires software development companies to have different approaches, from generalist recruitment to specialized screening processes, in order to find and hire a programmer with the right combination of programming abilities and a good attitude to fit in with the company’s culture.

However, it is not always easy to filter gems from stones, and you may fail to spot the best programmers for some particular reasons. That’s why Orient Software is here to put some useful tips in your hands, thereby helping you not only ease the IT recruitment procedures but also acquire the best-in-class talent to conduct your successful projects.

What Is a Computer Programmer?

What Is a Computer Programmer?

In essence, computer programming refers to the whole process of creating, designing, and developing software by writing a set of instructions, called code, in a specific programming language. These instructions tell a computer how to execute tasks and solve problems, enabling it to perform various functions, from basic calculations to complex operations.

Basically, a computer programmer is a professional who writes, tests, debugs, and maintains software programs. They often specialize in one or several specific areas of computer science, such as web development, mobile app development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, or software engineering.

They use various computer programming languages (including popular ones, such as Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript) to develop instructions that computers can understand and execute. Programmers play an instrumental role in translating the ideas and requirements of software developers, designers, and other stakeholders into functional and efficient computer programs and software.

Attributes of a Good Computer Programmer

What makes a candidate worth your selection? A good computer programmer is the convergence of hard skills and soft skills. On the technical aspect, they must possess a strong grasp of technical knowledge, ranging from knowledge in different programming languages, algorithms, data structures, software development methodologies, and more to understanding and exposure to sophisticated computing technologies. With a solid tech foundation, they are enabled to catch up with the specific project specifications and deliver high-quality outcomes.

More than technical know-how, exceptional candidates should own a set of other skills. For instance, problem-solving capabilities are crucial to computer programming since they enable programmers to identify and address any potential problems. Analytical skills are also essential to understand customer needs and craft solutions accordingly.

Likewise, the capacity for collaboration is of paramount importance. Computer programmers should be able to communicate efficiently with different stakeholders in a project, including clients and other developers, in order to ensure successful delivery.

On top of that, the best computer programmers demonstrate creative thinking and an initiative attitude as they are able to generate new ideas for products or enhancements to existing ones.

Lastly, there will be no perfect candidates but only the most suitable ones based on your project requirements. So, you can be selective but not too picky, or you could risk being stuck on online job boards with no candidates and missing out on rare but valuable top talents. This can be considered the very first tip needed for software development companies, whether they plan to hire a programmer in-house or freelance developers.

Easy But Useful Tips to Hire Computer Programmers Efficiently – Both Quality & Quantity

To any software development company, the process of hiring computer programmers is, more often than not, complicated, which consumes much time, effort, and resources to pull it off, especially when you have no experience or network in this sector. At this point, a few tips should be helpful for you to hire developers more efficiently even if you are a startup or a senior tech company.

Easy But Useful Tips to Hire Computer Programmers Efficiently – Both Quality & Quantity

Source “Where Tech Talent Plays”

One of the currently hottest issues in the IT industry is the shortage of professionals in certain regions worldwide. This results in a highly competitive labor market in which tech companies grapple with one another to acquire the best IT talent. Simply put, tech talent is no longer concentrated in a handful of places; they are scattered all around the world, and it is essential for you to be aware of that fact when looking for suitable programmers who meet your recruitment criteria. Nowadays, there is a massive wave of outsourcing development needs to alternative IT hotspots. For example, Vietnam is one of the best IT destinations rising in the Asia Pacific. The country is wealthy in human resources, boasting a large population of English-speaking professionals and multiple other advantages offered for any company that chooses to hire programmers and use Vietnam as their software development base.

Leverage All Methods Instead to Hire Programmers of Traditional Ones

The lesson we have learned unwillingly from the dark period of the pandemic is “resilience.” In trying to survive in this new era, tech companies should readjust their approaches and strategies toward their operations and recruitment in particular. Doing this will enable businesses to create more opportunities for them to approach talent that otherwise is outside of their reach. Also, the best professionals from different parts of the world will bring a diversity of values to your business.

You should leverage different methods to hire computer programmers, which could be a combination of traditional and modern approaches. Instead of sticking to the model of permanent hiring, they are encouraged to explore more flexible ways such as freelance, contract-based recruitment, or outsourcing. Hiring a freelance computer programmer or several or an outsourced dedicated team allows tech companies to reduce the expenses and the hassles of recruiting.

Next, be open to adopting new sources of recruitment, such as social networks and online platforms. This method would guarantee your access to more candidates than traditional methods have ever done before. You can still make use of job postings on websites like Indeed or Dice but don’t forget to explore the power of online communities such as StackOverflow and GitHub or specialized websites like Toptal. These channels have been known as the best job boards where you can find freelance programmers and plenty of success stories.

Craft an Effective Job Description & a Compelling Job Listing from the Outset

Before sourcing talent, there is a need to specify the requirements and expectations of the job. Usually, the project manager will be the one who manages and works closely with the new hires, so he or she must come up with job descriptions and other necessary documents to create an attractive job listing.

A good job description should be detailed enough yet concise, thereby attracting more potential candidates. It is essential to outline exactly what type of programmer you’re looking for, such as their skill level, hands-on experience, and any other qualities needed.

Moreover, to draw quality applicants’ attention, you can add a personal touch to the job listing. It is vital for candidates to get a sense of your company’s culture or mission and understand why they should join your team. Bear in mind it would be better if you provided a link to an interactive website, a virtual tour of your office space, or even a short video in which you explain why it’s worth joining your business. This will particularly come in handy, especially when you hire online.

Measure Candidates by Giving Them Real-world Problems to Solve

When you have gathered enough applications, it’s time to shortlist the best candidates. At this point, you need a comprehensive vetting and interview process to evaluate the skills and technical knowledge of a computer programmer thoroughly, not only on his or her resume but also in action.

First of all, ask specific computer programming questions and request work samples from their previous jobs (if possible) to get an idea of their coding style and to check their previous programming experience. To ensure that you hire a computer programmer that best suits your project, you will need to give them real-world problems to solve through technical tests or situations. These tests could involve a coding challenge, problem-solving questionnaires, or asking them to explain the implementation of avant-garde technologies such as AI solutions and blockchain development.

This way, you can assess their abilities directly in the practical environment, lowering the rate of hiring the wrong people. By putting potential candidates through different layers, you can sort out the most appropriate ones who are used to or are conducting similar projects to yours.

Welcome Freshers

A little tip, but it makes a big difference. Honestly, tech companies have started to pay more attention to the current scarcity of IT professionals in general. While many tech companies outsource their IT needs to third-party vendors - which is an optimal solution, others have tried different ways to “renew” the resources of the IT workforce. Don’t just take the available talent pool for granted but contribute to augmenting it instead.

As employers, you can open opportunities for freshers who are only starting their careers in the IT world. Whether you conduct a brief training session or employ an experienced mentor, give them a chance to demonstrate their potential and contribute positively to your projects. In addition, you can provide young coding enthusiasts opportunities to learn and master their programming skills in many activities, such as internships, coding bootcamps, etc.

Undoubtedly, you have to accept the fact that these freshers may require more time and dedication, and they cannot get up to the speed of the experienced ones over a night or two. But in time, they will reach the level that meets your expectations. This way will enable you to cultivate your own pool of tech talent.

Should You Hire a Freelance Programmer or Not?

Should You Hire a Freelance Programmer or Not?

Let’s tackle the dilemma of whether or not you should hire freelance programmers on your own or delegate the hiring process to a third party. When putting freelance programmers and outsourcing companies side by side, you can see each option offers its own benefits and poses its own drawbacks as well. Therefore, the decisive point here is suitability.

The main advantage that comes with hiring freelancers is their flexibility in terms of time and cost. When your projects are short-term or ad hoc tasks that require on-demand solutions, they can be more affordable than full-time employees. What’s more, they are self-motivated and independent, and as a result, you don’t need to spend too much time managing them like in-house staff.

However, the costs come with risks since freelancers may not have proper experience or qualifications and lack loyalty to your company. Additionally, there will always be a chance that they may not deliver what you’re looking for. In contrast, if you hire an offshore development team through outsourcing companies, you can have more control over the recruitment process while having access to broader resources in terms of expertise and qualifications.

Your ultimate decision depends on your needs and project goals. Both options are viable; it just depends on what is best for your business at a particular time.

Fortunately, there is a flexible model that fits your needs if you are considering freelance developers but still crave to enjoy the advantages of outsourcing services – it is IT staff augmentation. In this arrangement, a third-party provider will recruit and manage the programmers according to your requirements, giving you oversight over day-to-day operations without touching the entire selection and onboarding process. The vendors are responsible for providing the right resources at the right time while you can focus on your core business tasks.

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