Considered Outsourcing?

Recruiting new talent for a development project, whether in information technology or any other field, can be a complicated process that typically involves a fair amount of risk, trusting developers to live up to the impressions they’ve made, and to provide a truly worthwhile service. Some project managers, upon experiencing the highs and lows of hiring on a local level, may be especially reticent to opt for an outsourcing program, but such programs are often able to provide sound assurances of quality despite lower prices. One of the greatest benefits of using an outsourced team of information technology developers, designers, and other professionals is that time zone differences allow for the production of work around the clock, resulting in higher product volumes, faster turn-around times, and ultimately, greater overall profit. Orient Software is committed to helping its clients take advantage of these benefits, making outsourcing to Vietnam a wise business decision for every project, in every department, each time its services are rendered

Boost Your Development Output by Engaging Our Experienced Developers

If you’ve been considering outsourcing, you’ve probably noticed that the market –especially in Asia– is rich with individuals and teams clamoring for a share of the work carried out by Western clients. But not all developers and development companies are created equal, and some will be more talented and agile than others, while price differences may play a key role in helping project managers choose a developer with which to work. Knowing how to navigate the complex world of outsourcing can help lead to the most relevant and rewarding answer, and Orient Software is proud to be among those firms continually honored for quality of service and affordable rates combined with Vietnamese talent and innovation, making it a popular choice for global entrepreneurs and other business figures intent on staying beneath their budgets without having to compromise for quality.

Orient Software’s ability to work with projects of any size and specification means that from the most basic site design to the most involved software development scheme, each step of the process will be treated with professionalism and respect. Orient Software developers can be hired as individuals or in working groups, to carry out specific portions of projects or to work with project managers to design and execute a comprehensive solution. We can provide a dedicated offshore development center capable of providing clients with a core group of professionals all focused on the precise project at hand, and even retain an original software licensing system, making it possible for clients to handle their development and release needs with a single outsourcing partner.

Outsourcing is one of the best ways for modern businesses to cut costs and enjoy a higher rate of production while retaining quality, but not every outsourcing firm has the raw ability to deliver on its promises. Orient Software offers the stability, elegance, professionalism, and experience to make sure that clients are kept satisfied in every respect. If you’ve considered outsourcing, consider Vietnam and the emerging team of development professionals at Orient Software.