International Clients

Orient Software Focuses on the Western Market, and has Clients from the US, Europe, and Australia.

Many of the remarkable growths in modern business are directly related to current trends in embracing a global way of thinking and conducting work. While there are many benefits to retaining an on-site team for various business projects, in many situations it simply makes good business sense to outsource some or all of the work to qualified, able, and dedicated professionals overseas. As the Western market becomes increasingly saturated with specialized, high-cost development companies and individual talents, the search for more cost-effective answers is on –and many searches end with the opportunities of outsourcing in Vietnam. Orient Software is your personal ambassador to this exciting outsourcing region, which has been experiencing steady growth and workforce optimization for decades.

While we are happy to provide quality services to companies and individuals throughout Asia –after all, Japan is projected to outsource up to ten percent of its work to Vietnam in coming years, our principal focus is on our international client base in Western countries. From the United States and Canada to Europe and other major economies like Australia, we strive to provide a first-class service that is distinguished from Western development only by its price. Though larger Asian countries such as India are often cited as being popular choices for outsourcing work, Vietnam enjoys a a growing pool of talented programmers, designers, and other professionals, able to communicate in English with ease and deliver on exacting standards, all while avoiding the socio-economic and political risks of nearby nations.

Scores of major Western corporations have identified and seized upon the opportunities presented by Vietnam as an outsourcing destination. Though the country is quickly growing an international base of major clients, it still remains fresh with enthusiastic talent and sound business models. The Intel Corporation, one of the most prominent and well-respected businesses in the world of information technology, retains extensive outsourcing operations in Vietnam, as do Anheuser Busch, Cisco Systems, Sony, Nortel Networks, and other major names in global business. Our dedicated team is ready to show you why this region is becoming a prominent location for business professionals who want to outsource with confidence and maintain exceptional cost savings.

Orient Software’s collection of talented, highly-trained, and personable designers, programmers, development specialists, and other personnel is among the most driven and reputable in the nation, and can make your project stand out for quality, promptness, and low cost no matter the scale. From consultations and design work to intensive application development and beyond, we make conducting business and bringing products to market a breeze for our Western clients. You can capitalize on the many benefits of modern outsourcing without exposing yourself to many of the associated risks through choosing Orient Software for your development and design needs. While we may be based far away, you’ll find our professionalism and quality products are able to compete with local firms, a trait we’re proud to offer our clients along with our unbeatable savings.