Effective, Transparent Outsourcing - On Time

Outsourcing is fast becoming one of the most cost-effective and popular ways to increase business profitability, streamline complex processes, and enjoy faster turnaround on a variety of projects, but approaching outsourcing isn’t always as straightforward as some project managers would like. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to creating a poor outsourcing experience, just as there are many elements that go into the creation of a truly remarkable outsourcing team capable of producing exact results. At Orient Software, our core focus is on cultivating and encouraging the very best of these elements to deliver staff, solutions, and continued outsourcing support capable of creating an excellent experience for each and every client.

Those who have been working in business for any length of time are likely to report that assessing, managing, and taking risks is a necessary part of the field. Outsourcing can present risks to project managers and business owners, as distance, cultural or language barriers, economic or political instability, and a simple error in quality judgment can all lead to disappointing development situations. In each of its tasks and responsibilities, Orient Software works to not only reassure clients with consistent, quality work, but to refine team and individual skills to allow for the prompt delivery of products. No matter the underlying reason, delays can cause significant issues for businesses, and preventing such issues is at the heart of Orient Software’s mission to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations and needs. Clients can count on the use of reasonable yet strict time frames, and are always served with deliveries on schedule.

We know that the prospect of saving money on outsourcing can be difficult to compare with the potential for loss due to late or missing projects, and we’re deeply dedicated to ensuring that our clients enjoy the same punctual service they’d expect from an on-site development team. Whether the task is a simple graphic design or encompasses a major project using our Offshore Development Center, we take our work seriously and are supported by the strength and stability of Vietnam’s growing information technology sector. While some outsourcing locations may be prone to problems of infrastructure, political uprising, economic collapse, and other issues sometimes found among developing nations, Orient Software’s strategic base in Vietnam provides the ideal source for quality, reliable work.

With Orient Software You can Outsource with Confidence

When you choose Orient Software for your outsourcing needs, you won’t have to worry about time or precision –we have all the angles covered with a devoted work ethic and the resources with which to support it. With our talented team of motivated and experienced professionals, you can enjoy an outsourcing experience that creates business benefits in every category, with every project you contract. From the point of project discussion and the creation of a quote to the final delivery of a piece of software, design package, or other product, your schedule as well as your security are our top priorities. Outsource with Orient Software and discover how our team can make your outsourcing dreams a reality.