Outsourcing Tips

We have created a guide to help you become successful with outsourcing.

Country Evaluation

When you choose to outsource one or more business functions, you should try to minimize the socio-political differences between the country where your business is located and the country where the work will take place. The best way to do this is to carefully consider the following three factors for the country where the offshore company is based. More about Country Evaluation

Vendor Evaluation

Most businesses know that in order to outsource successfully, they must know exactly what products and services they are outsourcing, and why, so that they can appropriate allocate their resources to the projects and ensure that they contribute to the business’s goals. But occasionally an equally critical component of outsourcing, careful evaluation of offshore providers prior to selection, is overlooked, much to the organizations’ detriment. More about Vendor Evaluation

Vendor Selection

Proper evaluation and selection of offshore vendors is vital for your business’s success in overseas outsourcing. When you outsource important business functions, you will inevitably lose some control over the project, including its quality standards, budget, and timeline. That’s why it is so important to select the right offshore partner, who will not only complete the work to your standards, but also have a compatible working culture and high ethics. More about Vendor Selection

Personnel Evaluation

When you engage in outsourcing overseas, the individual team members working on your project at the offshore vendor’s office are key players in making your project a success. This raises interesting HR issues, as you must consider the personnel concerns not only for your onshore employees, but also for the overseas workers in order to develop powerful synergies between the two teams. More about Personnel Evaluation

Risk Management

When you’re ready to use offshore outsourcing, risk assessment and risk management are critical for protecting your organization from the potential pitfalls. Long-term risk management must include plans for data backup and disaster recovery. More about Risk Management

Other Issues

Other articles address the specific concerns involved in selecting an outsourcing vendor while paying attention to the country and personnel issues, but there are many additional concerns. More about Other Issues

7 Mistakes When Hiring Programmer

One of the biggest mistakes that people and companies make in software development is that they forget that they should ultimately be working for the end user. It doesn’t matter how fancy and tech-savvy your software is if it doesn’t meet the needs and expectations of the people who will be using it. More about Mistakes When Hiring Programmer

Agile Outsourcing

When your company needs to develop custom software, understanding the benefits of agile processes and overseas outsourcing, and knowing how to combine them in non-traditional ways, can help you maximize the value you receive for each dollar spent. More about Agile Outsourcing

Q&A About Software Outsourcing

If you’re looking to save money on IT and software development, offshore outsourcing is a great way to take advantage of the best and most innovative solutions available at a low cost. And while you’re cutting costs and getting better services, you’ll find that your company has much more time and resources to dedicate to improving its core functions, building its core competencies and becoming more competitive. More about Q&A About Software Outsourcing