FAQ - Technical Questions

How does OSD Manage Projects?

No matter what size a project is, OSD always assigns one project manager with the responsibility for delivering the final custom software solution that meets all the project specs and is presented to the client on budget and on time. Our clients have regular and direct communication with the project manager, who serves as s single point of contact and provides updates about the project’s progress. The project manager uses Microsoft Project and Dwins Netoffice to assign all internal resources to the project and to assign specific tasks to team members. This simplifies the process of measuring and monitoring the project’s progress.

How do You Track Different Versions?

At OSD, our chosen version control system is Subversion.

Can You Develop Complex Software Programs?

We have completed a variety of custom software programs for our clients. The largest involve millions of lines of code, but the smallest may have just a few thousand lines. Many of our complicated projects have teams of 6-10 members developing software for three months or longer. We’re always ready to discuss the complexity of the type of software that will be able to meet your specific business needs.

<> Who will have the rights to the coding for the completed software?

Per our contracts, the client always has full proprietary ownership of the conceptual ideas, design, documentation, and coding for the software that we develop.

Will My Company have Access to The Development Files?

Throughout the software-development process, our clients continuously receive copies of the relevant files in order to encourage their involvement and interaction in the development process. Documentation, design, and code is regularly exchanged between OSD and the client for review and revision, and sometimes this happens even daily. This high volume of deliverables lets our clients rest assured that their projects are moving forward quickly and smoothly.

Does OSD have The Right Mix of Technical Experience for My Project?

OSD team members are experts in many technology platforms. Our knowledge and experience lets us create exceptional custom software programs for our clients. Specifically, we have completed offshore software development in the following areas:

  • Application packing services
  • Client/server applications
  • Legacy migration applications
  • Web services
  • Online applications

What Language is The Code Written in?

Our offshore programmers are all proficient in English and they use the same software tools and programming languages that are used around the world. This means that your code development is in English, as is our project managers’ communication with clients.

Does OSD Document Its Codes?

OSD has mandatory policies and procedures that require our programmers to adhere to standard coding practices and always document their coding work. This not only helps our clients understand our work, but also allows us to update and maintain the code during the warranty period after delivery of the completed custom software.