FAQ - Operational Questions

How long will It Take for OSD to Respond to My Inquiry?

When you send OSD an email, we respond within a few minutes. If you want even faster communication, we’re available to chat via instant messaging programs, too.

Will OSD Give Me a Budget Estimate and Proposed Timeline before The Project Begins?

We have developed specialized tools to help us obtain an accurate and thorough understanding of any project’s scope of work, budget, and timeline. Our in-house talent includes experienced project management exerts who use analytical tools to create accurate estimates of the time and other resources needed to complete your project.Once we fully understand the resource requirements, we offer your business a comprehensive estimate and schedule, and then Microsoft Project, Dwins Netoffice, and Mantis help us keep our teams on-track and monitor the project as it progresses.

What Happens if We need to Change The Project’s Scope?

At OSD, we understand that projects sometimes change mid-stream, and we’re experienced in managing those changes and addressing scope creep. For a relatively minor change, your company should speak with the appropriate OSD project manager to implement it as soon as possible. Depending on the size and nature of the change, we may need to submit a revised budget and/or timeline for your company’s approval before we can implement the change.

How will You Test The New Software you’re Developing?

The OSD team working on your project will include experts in quality assurance who follow time-tested processes for extensively testing any new software system. Our quality-assurance processes have a solid foundation in the industry’s best practices, but they have also been customized to meet the specific needs of offshore development. Here are just a few of the key components of our quality initiatives:

  • We perform tests at each and every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Our project management methodology is closely intertwined with our quality assessment procedures
  • Every OSD team includes experts in quality assurance for your software
  • We use a software program known as Mantis, which records all types of quality concerns related to our custom software development

If OSD Staff Changes, will Anyone Understand My Software’s Coding?

Staff inevitably come and go, so it is critical for organization such as OSD to retain their project-specific knowledge over time. To that end, we always make sure to have a “shadow resource” for every 5-6 IT experts who are working on your project. That way, even if those software developers leave, we’ll always have someone on staff who knows the ins and outs of your new software program. We also have high standards for developing and maintaining detailed documentation for each project. In the future, we can always return to those documents as a source of information about your software.

What Happens if There’s a Bug in My Company’s New Custom Software?

We have software tools that help us identify software bugs, prioritize them, and track our progress in fixing those bugs. Our support teams respond immediately to software bugs that are categorized as being urgent.

How much Information will You need from My Company before Getting Started?

Before accepting a project, we must thoroughly understand the scope of work, and that requires working together with our clients to gather all the details. If your company does not have any specs worked out, we’ll ask you to describe the desired system in one or two pages. Based on that document, our team of IT experts will develop the formal, technical requirements of the software program that needs to be created. We pass the document back and forth with our clients for review to make sure that we’re on the same page. Depending on the size of the project, developing a detailed scope of work can take a few days, weeks, or months. Once all the specific requirements (which we refer to as the project’s “Bible”) have been reviewed and approved, we ask the client to sign a document to that effect and then begin developing the custom software.

How can I Know that OSD will Deliver The Project as Promised?

At OSD, we pride ourselves on our use of project management tools and methodologies that let us deliver new software programs on time and within your budget requirements. When the project begins, we work with our clients to identify appropriate deadlines and milestones, and then we have a sign-off process for each deliverable as the project proceeds.

Can OSD Handle Multiple Changes During The Project?

In an ideal world, the scope of work would never change, but we understand that this simply isn’t realistic for many of our clients. So our processes rely on “XP” Extreme Programming, which is designed to handle these kinds of changes. Approximately half of our time on any project is spent in design, building the architecture, creating prototypes, and developing documentation. This happens before we begin any of the coding. This maximizes our flexibility in accommodating our clients’ changing needs. Clients are able to give their screen-by-screen approval of our prototype, and through this process we’re usually able to identify most or all needed changes before the complex coding process begins. Our entire process is designed to accommodate iterative, interactive changes from our clients.

Does OSD have a lot of Staff Turnover?

Our HR policies and procedures are designed to recruit and retain the best and brightest minds in IT. We foster a work environment with ongoing professional development opportunities, continuous learning, healthy competition among our staff, and dynamic collaboration. We offer competitive compensation packages for the local economy, as well as performance-based incentives. Consequently, OSD’s attrition rate is low, and this employee retention lets us give your projects the continuity that they need.

How does OSD Recruit New Talent?

Our human resources team includes recruiting experts who know where, when, and how to find the most highly qualified experts in C#, PHP, Java, Oracle, .NET and related software-development fields. Potential team members are invited to participate in an initial interview. This launches our rigorous selection process, which includes a test of technical knowledge, communication skills, and proficiency in English, as well as a discussion with an OSD group and another interview. Occasionally we invite our clients to interview the job candidates as well.