ResponsiveHR is a Talent Management Software on the web, designed to streamline your recruitment by bringing you the most important knowledge about your potential candidates and manage your organisational improvement.


ResponsiveINSIGHT is a multifunctional online survey software that allows users to collect data, analyze it and produce reports - all in one place.


Penetrace is the complete insight tool for a holistic view of the entire sales & marketing process – from knowledge, through to engagement and conversions across all channels.


Skribenta, a CCMS (Component Content Management System), is a complete solution for the entire life cycle of technical documentation. Skribenta Finder is an add-on to the Skribenta CCMS, but Finder can be customized to work with any CCMS that supports DITA subject schemes.


CroozeMODE is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software which can capture, manage, store and deliver content and documents. With an easy to use platform, Crooze features a simple interface, drag and drop functions, auto complete and much more. It supports all Office files and is able to function on Windows and Mac platforms.


Kikora is a unique e-learning tool for mathematics which is integrated with the Learning Management System (LMS) of your choice. Kikora currently contains a library of more than 10.000 math exercises and more than 2.500.000 exercises has been solved.


Yuntaa is a secure online document management system using cloud technology.


SpiritGearDirect is a US-based e-commerce website specializing in the sale of school apparel and accessories. Customers can select the school of their choice and choose from a wide array of customizable options using the school’s logos and team names. The website also offers an online payment system.


CustomProDirect is a US-based e-commerce website specializing in the sale of customized clothing and home decor. Customers can select a product item and choose from a wide array of customizable options including using personal photos. The website also offers an online payment system.


No child should be left behind. Every child deserves to be seen. Conexus Companion simplifies and assures collaboration with role-based workflows to create, manage and share sensitive information in a secure environment.


A better learning dialogue with every student. Free up time in the process. Gathers essential assessments and teaching tool in one place, helping teachers to group and engage students.


Build Restful APIs for internal and external systems using the Conexus platform.


Vip24 is a profile and chat tools for labor way line that maps to the values, interests and personal pre conferences. The tool focuses on the 24 hour human and maps the fresh factors and sources of profits and work enjoyment.


VOKAL Student is a part of VOKAL in which their students can evaluate by subjects themselves, do exercises, get feedbacks from teachers. It is also a perfect communication center between students and teachers.


This is a SPA Web App hosted on Microsoft Azure and using the latest cloud computing of Microsoft. It helps company build digital workplace where employees are able to access all materials easily and quickly.


Integrate vip24, ResponsiveHR with TalentCorp system to let the workforce dicover their competencies and find their best matched jobs.