Senior IT Administrator

1 2021-01-31


We are looking for a team of 2 smart-resources who can handle the infrastructure operation and support project from offshore. This includes investigating and analyzing network issues, gathering IT usage cases, advising recommendations for refining the organizational IT systems and carrying out daily configuration and installation of IT solutions and services.


General skills:

  • Have knowledge how large IT organizations (5000+ Users) typically work including: Central Active Directory, Restricted access to different user groups, Central logging, Central software distribution, Central patch management.
  • ITIL Process knowledge (incident, problem, change), server security hardening (Antivirus, Disable of Services, Reducing permissions, Encryption, Closing ports)
  • Knowledge about generic IT Security concepts (Encryption)
  • Experience/basic cloud migration understanding.

Windows server administration:

  • Solid knowledge of the operating system MS-Windows (W2K8 to W2K19), which includes:
  • Administration (Global Groups, local groups, etc)
  • MS Fileserver (DFS), Drivers, UAC
  • Event and performance monitoring
  • Windows Update Details (Central Management, Troubleshooting)
  • Hardening, Backup / Restore
  • Partitioning and Disk-management
  • Microsoft Permissions and Rights model.
  • Registry usage
  • Scheduled Task management
  • Deep knowledge about the OS file- and system-structure
  • Remote management (RDP, WinRM)
  • Windows Firewall.
  • Experience with network protocols in LAN and WAN (DNS, HTTP/S, DHCP, NTP); Microsoft related protocols like SMB, NetBios, DNS, LDAP; DHCP (including MS-related options like DNS domain etc.)
  • Basic knowledge in Active Directory, understanding of the architecture, GPOs and GPPs, Kerberos, MS DNS, PKI, Group Policy, experience with network protocols in LAN and WAN (DNS, HTTP/S, DHCP, NTP)

Linux Server Administration

  • Sound Linux knowledge using commands.
  • System update management.
  • Management of cron jobs.
  • Mount and manage attached storage and shares.
  • Maintain system and system services, e.g. SSH.
  • Migration to Cloud

Tool/Monitoring: SALT, Zabbix, Nagios, Virtualization (VMware ESX), knowledge VM to VM migration.

Amazon Web Services (AWS):

  • Usage of standard AWS infrastructure features such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), and AWS Auto Scaling.
  • Build virtual private networks with Amazon VPC  Deploy Amazon EC2 instances using command line calls and troubleshoot common problems with instances
  • Monitor the health of Amazon EC2 instances and other AWS services
  • Manage identity, AWS permissions, and security in the AWS Cloud
  • Manage resource consumption in an AWS account using tags, Amazon CloudWatch, and AWS Trusted Advisor
  • Determine the best strategy for creating reusable Amazon EC2 instances
  • Configure a set of Amazon EC2 instances that launch behind a load balancer
  • Know-How of PaaS Services like S3, RDS, Route53

AWS automation:

  • Use AWS CloudFormation and other automation technologies like Terraform to produce stacks of AWS resources
  • Troubleshoot a basic AWS CloudFormation stack definition


  • Knowledge of backup solutions and implementation of cross-site backup concepts; Experience with CommVault and/or HP Dataprotector for phase 2.

Databases (MS-SQL, MYSQL, Oracle)

  • Knowledge of Database Setup and Operation of it
  • Experience with migration of dedicated DB to RDS/PaaS

Webserver (IIS, NGINX, Apache): Set up web servers and configuration, set up monitoring, attach SSL/TLS certificates; User and security configuration and hardening.

Monthly Salary and Benefits

  • Attractive salary based on your performance
  • Annual 13th month salary
  • Dedication bonus goes up to 40% monthly salary
  • Project bonus will be paid twice a year
  • Premium healthcare insurance, Annual health checks up.
  • Breakfast are available at office in early morning and snack in late afternoon.
  • Happy Lunch every two weeks.
  • Team building allowance.
  • Annual Company team building trip.
  • Clubs (Football, Badminton, Swimming, Chess, Music band).
  • Exclusive training programs for all staff in technical, soft skills and process.
  • Outdoor training every 6 months.
  • English class.
  • Technical clubs.
  • Marriage allowance, having newborn baby allowance, bereavement allowance.