Senior Front-end Engineer (Angular)

4 2021-10-31

Project Information

Our team is developing a product from scratch for a leading company about Vehicle Inspection in New Zealand. It includes many modules such as a mobile app, website, printing service, cloud, and API.
We build a generic system to allow inspector and supervisor to easily support and keep track of each and every status of any kind of transportation when it comes to inspection.
To bring up and expand the product ecosystem to the next level which takes advantage of the latest web and application technologies, we are looking for experienced talents to fulfill the position of Senior Frontend Developer in Angular and Ionic


  • Play in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchical, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over a role title.
  • Work on large-scale software product in the frontend web application development project using Angular.
  • Working in collaborative teams and building quality code. Help the team to champion software quality and engender technical vision and ensuring clients are satisfied.
  • Be problem solvers, think through hard problems and work with amazing people to make the solutions reality.
  • Practice agile software development and be a great team player.
  • Learn something new every day, work your great innovative idea with a team to apply to the project.


  • More than 4 years working with Angular and keep up with the latest version to build the new application from scratch.
  • Strong knowledge in developing SPA web applications, SASS, HTML5 and TypeScript.
  • Work well in Agile Software Development using Scrum framework.
  • Proficiency in GIT using GIT flow.
  • Be a problem solver with great problem-solving skills.
  • Proactive and effective self-learning skills and research.
  • Good in English Reading and Writing skills.
  • Effective verbal English skills in video conference and face to face communication.


  • Have experienced in migrating Angular to latest version.
  • Understand frontend unit testing and end-to-end testing techniques in Angular with the Jasmine, Karma and Protractor.
  • Understand state management framework for Angular application such as NgRx or Ng Redux.

Monthly Salary and Benefits

  • Attractive salary based on your performance
  • Annual 13th month salary
  • Dedication bonus goes up to 40% monthly salary
  • Project bonus will be paid twice a year
  • Premium healthcare insurance, Annual health checks up.
  • Breakfast are available at office in early morning and snack in late afternoon.
  • Happy Lunch every two weeks.
  • Team building allowance.
  • Annual Company team building trip.
  • Clubs (Football, Badminton, Swimming, Chess, Music band).
  • Exclusive training programs for all staff in technical, soft skills and process.
  • Outdoor training every 6 months.
  • English class.
  • Technical clubs.
  • Marriage allowance, having newborn baby allowance, bereavement allowance.