Principal Software Engineer (Technical Lead)

1 2021-06-30


  • Practical knowledge in programming to dictate the security standards, design specifications, checking compliance, and maintaining technical responsibility in all the development stages
  • Working with multiple technologies and stakeholders, translate the problem that a business is facing, visualize the perfect user service and come up with a design to solve these problems
  • Coordinate build activities and define how integration should be implemented.
  • Analyze, identify, prioritize, and implement efficiencies, which helps the company derive the highest possible value from the services.
  • Identify the best new approaches for the organization and take the responsibility of training new developers on how to implement it
  • Control and manage the service components like software, and network resources
  • Play in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchical, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over a role title.
  • Working in collaborative teams and building quality code. Help the team to champion software quality and engender technical vision and ensuring clients are satisfied
  • Be problem solvers, think through hard problems and work with amazing people to make the reality of the solutions.
  • Practice agile software development and be a great team player.
  • Learn something new every day, work your great innovative idea with a team to apply to the project.


Technical skills:

  • More than 6 years of experience in Microsoft technologies and at least 3 years in .NET core.
  • Expert on .NET technologies and frameworks belongs to it (Core MVC, API, EF, EF Core …).
  • Expert Object Oriented Programing.
  • Experienced Functional Programing.
  • Experienced in Software Architecture Design and Cloud Computing.
  • Experienced the best practices of frontend technologies using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Angular, React...
  • Work well in Agile Software Development using Scrum framework.
  • Common design principles such as SOLID, DRY, Separation of Concerns, Persistence Ignorance, Dependency Inversion.
  • Understand and follow DevOps CI/CD.
  • Proficiency in GIT using GIT flow.
  • Domain Driven Design and Clean Architectures, SoA and Micro Services.
  • Container-based using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • NoSQL DB suggest MongoDB, ElasticSearch.
  • Knowledge on design Relational DB.
  • Experienced TDD, BDD.


  • Experienced CaaS, FaaS, BaaS.


  • Be a problem solver with great problem-solving skills.
  • Proactive and effective self-learning skills and research.
  • Good in English Reading and Writing skills.
  • Effective verbal English skills in video conference and face to face communication.
  • Excellent learning and researching skill.
  • Training skill

Monthly Salary and Benefits

  • Attractive salary based on your performance
  • Annual 13th month salary
  • Dedication bonus goes up to 40% monthly salary
  • Project bonus will be paid twice a year
  • Premium healthcare insurance, Annual health checks up.
  • Breakfast are available at office in early morning and snack in late afternoon.
  • Happy Lunch every two weeks.
  • Team building allowance.
  • Annual Company team building trip.
  • Clubs (Football, Badminton, Swimming, Chess, Music band).
  • Exclusive training programs for all staff in technical, soft skills and process.
  • Outdoor training every 6 months.
  • English class.
  • Technical clubs.
  • Marriage allowance, having newborn baby allowance, bereavement allowance.