East Meets West

A Proven Western Business Model infused with Vietnamese Energy and Dedication Creates Quality Outsourcing

The prevalence of outsourcing in modern business is largely responsible for creating many of the fast, fluent developments that are brought to the web and to the international market on a continual basis. But outsourcing also contributes to a business phenomenon that is changing the way executives and project managers think about their work. Establishing and maintaining meaningful professional relationships across oceans, modern business giants understand that in order to remain competitive with the world’s growing companies and evolving technologies, price and turnaround time must be minimized while productivity, proficiency, and quality are kept to high standards. Using offshore development talents and teams can be a daunting prospect for those concerned about cultural or other barriers, but when a quality firm like Orient Software is chosen, clients can relax in the knowledge that their projects will be handled with the utmost care and commitment.

Those new to outsourcing may be concerned that overseas firms are unable or unwilling to produce work, communicate, and meet established milestones and goals with the aptitude and excellence on on-site workers. Local problems with language barriers, difficulty with establishing and maintaining contact, and other issues may make outsourcing seem too risky a venture. But there are some outsourcing companies that focus not only on delivering low-cost solutions to their clients, but upon ensuring that these solutions are of the best possible quality, to exact specification, before deadlines are reached. Orient Software prides itself on being a leader among such firms, and with its attractive location in Vietnam, can provide everything needed to start a project from the ground up or simply handle a single component with excellence.

Vietnam presents a wise choice for modern outsourcing needs with its proven track record of stability and high concentration of university graduates familiar with Western business practices and values, and who can communicate with clients in English with little to no cultural clashes. Representing the very best of what Vietnam has to offer the Western business world, Orient Software provides its clients with experienced and energetic professionals who are devoted to each project and individual task with which they work, creating a long-distance team of valuable personnel at an affordable price. The desire of Vietnamese information technology, software development, and design specialists to excel at their work and become part of the global community of tech talent is clear in every project that Orient Software completes, whether it’s a full-scale project that works with a client from the product sketch to the final release, or a basic order for an array of unrelated tasks.

Enjoy Vietnamese dedication and personality with a strict adherence to Western business practices and ideals. With Orient Software, you can realize significant savings without compromising on quality, taking advantage of modern outsourcing’s love affair between the West and the East. Explore our services and find out how the spirit of Vietnamese development can transform your work into something truly wonderful.