Effective Communication

Clear & Responsive Communication in English

One of the most vital aspects of any business project is the quality of the communication involved between all parties. Whether in terms of the initial establishment of specifications or short conversations to discuss project details, communications are crucial to the success of delivered materials, and can have a considerable impact on the overall working experience. Communication issues are frequently cited as being a concern when approaching outsourcing projects. Due to worries over the language proficiency of outsourcing teams, as well as cultural or social barriers, time zone differences, and other pertinent factors, Western clients otherwise interested in reaping the benefits of outsourcing may be reluctant to trust their communication needs to those overseas. Orient Software understands the role of communication as a major component of quality work and satisfying working experiences, and takes every measure to ensure that conversing and collaborating are carried out with professionalism and ease.

Active Listening, Clarity, and Responsiveness Ensure We Meet Your Demands

While English is a popular second language in many countries in Asia and throughout the world, it is especially prevalent in Vietnam, where students are eager to attain a level of spoken and written English on par with native speakers. Many modern Vietnamese professionals are able to communicate in English with precision and confidence, and Orient Software takes a close look at such skills when considering developer talent for its team. Keeping language barriers to a minimum and providing clear professional communication is just one facet of Orient Software’s dedication to addressing client needs, however. The availability of personnel with which to talk is also a significant component of the development process, and we’re dedicated to providing a service that won’t leave clients waiting long periods for a contact or vital piece of information. In a business environment in which some project managers find themselves waiting days for email responses and are discouraged from making contact via phone or other live method, Orient Software warmly welcomes its clients to contact a representative at any time, by any method, and adheres to strong ideals of prompt responses to queries and concerns.

The ability to communicate with clarity and a considerable depth of understanding is one of the greatest assets an outsourcing firm can retain, and we’ve worked diligently to ensure that our clients can enjoy the utmost in their relations with our team. Whether talking with a programmer or discussing an administrative concern with a manager, clients will find that the same excellence exhibited in completed projects can be found in the quality of communications. Through remaining dedicated to a high standard of competence and expression in English, as well as facilitating a strong work ethic responsible for quick and complete replies, Orient Software is helping its clients save money and deeply enjoy the journey towards those savings. No matter if your project is large or small; it, and you, as a valued client with a spectrum of specifications and needs, will be handled with the highest degree of competence and care.