Why Outsource to Orient Software?

Get to Market Quickly

In today’s marketplace, software development firms absolutely must minimize their time to market. However, they cannot compromise the rapidly changing standards for new technologies. At Orient Software, our talented development teams are experienced working with teams in other locations. We strive to manage internal resources to produce the best results within these constraints. We have a tried-and-true methodology for outsourced software development and processes that help our clients produce top-quality work in record time.

The Software Development Outsourcing Process

These are the key principles that underlie our software development process and framework, letting us maximize our efficiency and minimize costs:

  • We deliver business value as rapidly as possible.
  • We take advantage of all opportunities to make our operations more effective.
  • We maintain flexibility so that we can make changes with little or no cost.
  • We identify and mitigate risks as early as possible.
  • We harness the talent and support required for projects that are knowledge-intensive.

Our Outsourcing Methodology

At Orient Software we follow a single methodology for all our outsourcing projects:

  • Development and planning are iterative and flexible, letting us adapt to rapid changes in the marketplace.
  • Tasks are prioritized in accordance with the impact on the business, so our clients are involved in planning the application’s releases, maximizing the value delivered.
  • We identify risks as soon as possible and mitigate the riskiest problems first, updating the list as frequently as needed and trying to identify the unknowns whenever possible.
  • We maintain an extensive, searchable database of our work so that we can learn from the past and make recommendations regarding software modules and processes that might be beneficial.
  • Whenever possible, we delay major decisions, keeping our options open in order to minimize the cost of making changes in the future. We also choose the simplest, most flexible solution whenever possible.
  • Continual communication between our teams and our clients facilitate problem-solving and the exchange of knowledge

The Experts at Orient Software

Each of our talented teams is led by an equally talented leader for each project. Team members are proactive and take full responsibility for their assigned task, whether it be related to testing or architecture. The leader monitors everyone’s progress without micromanaging their work. In our years of experience, we have all become experts in making sure that remote teams work well together and complement and enhance each other.

Our software developers thrive when given challenging work. Our managers know how to adhere to strict deadlines, using them as motivational tools for problem-solving rather than impossible targets that generate excessive levels of street. Our developers take pride in meeting their deadlines and delivering high-quality products for our clients.

Communication in Outsourced Projects

Our teams’ communication model uses the latest technologies to connect our offshore team with your onshore team to achieve the same performance as through a single-site team. We have proven time and again that there are no limits on performance if teams are communicating well with each other:

  • We integrate the offshore and onsite teams as much as possible, so that our teams feel and function like an extension of the onsite IT group. We enforce this through project reviews that occur onsite.
  • We provide real-time reporting so that executives always know the status of our progress on their projects.
  • We always seek new, more cost effective ways to transfer and share knowledge between the teams and among the team members.